King Sigcau
African World of Tomorrow

After much soul searching and careful deliberation I have come to the conclusion that the best way of permanently destroying the vicious cycle of poverty within Pondoland and the greater Eastern Cape, is via high technology education and the creation of high technology business zones.

To this end I will be exploring all avenues of possible assistance whilst remaining mindful of the differing roles of traditional leadership and that of government.

This, understandably, is a bold initiative, but if addressed with the requisite amount of energy and enthusiasm will reap many benefits not only for the impoverished region of the Eastern Cape but also for our country South Africa.

Royal Programmes


Creation of AWOT by 2025

Nature Reserve

Royal Private Nature Reserve

Pondo Festival

Pondo Festival

Free Trade Zone

Incentivized Hi-Tech

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley Concept

Road & Transport

Royal Road Building & Transport Centre

Health & Edu-clinics

Food & Suppliments

Mission Statement

To uplift the People of Pondoland using Education as the catalyst and focusing on technological achievement/advancement and with a view to instilling pride and productivity in all its people